What is C.H. Robinson’s ticker symbol?金沙官网手机网址

C.H. Robinson’s ticker symbol is CHRW.

On what exchange does C.H. Robinson trade?金沙官网手机网址

C.H. Robinson trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.

When did C.H. Robinson go public?金沙官网手机网址

C.H. Robinson’s initial public offering (IPO) was on October 15, 1997.

What was the offering price at C.H. Robinson’s initial public offering (IPO)?金沙官网手机网址

Adjusted for our two stock splits since our IPO, C.H. Robinson’s initial offering price was $4.50 per share.

Does C.H. Robinson have a direct purchase plan?金沙官网手机网址

C.H. Robinson does not have a direct purchase plan for non-employees.

Does C.H. Robinson pay a cash dividend?金沙官网手机网址

Yes, C.H. Robinson has paid regular quarterly cash dividends for over 25 years. For dividend history information, Click here.

When did C.H. Robinson split its shares?金沙官网手机网址

C.H. Robinson has split its shares as follows: Two-for-one on December 1, 2000; and two-for-one on October 14, 2005.

Does C.H. Robinson have a dividend reinvestment plan?金沙官网手机网址

C.H. Robinson does not have a dividend reinvestment plan.

Whom do I contact with questions regarding C.H. Robinson shares?金沙官网手机网址

For inquiries about shares that are held in street name (i.e. a brokerage account), please contact your broker. For shareholder inquiries regarding stock certificates, change of address, transfer of ownership or other stock account matters, please contact our transfer agent: Broadridge Financial Solutions, Lake Success, New York 800-353-0103 Please note that as of October 14, 2005, we no longer print stock certificates. If you hold a stock certificate and wish to have the shares moved to a brokerage account, please contact Broadridge at the number listed above.

What is C.H. Robinson’s CUSIP number?金沙官网手机网址

C.H. Robinson’s CUSIP number is 12541 W 20 9.

When is C.H. Robinson’s next annual shareholder meeting?金沙官网手机网址

C.H. Robinson’s 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be completely virtual. You may attend the virtual meeting on Thursday, May 9, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. CDT.

Who are C.H. Robinson’s independent auditors?金沙官网手机网址

C.H. Robinson’s independent auditors are Deloitte & Touche LLP, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Who are C.H. Robinson’s Board of Directors?金沙官网手机网址

Click here to view our Board of Directors .

How many employees does C.H. Robinson have?金沙官网手机网址

C.H. Robinson has approximately 15,074 employees.

What is C.H. Robinson’s corporate headquarters address?金沙官网手机网址

Our corporate headquarters are located at 14701 Charlson Road, Eden Prairie, MN, 55347. Our telephone number is (952) 937-8500.

Whom can I contact if I have more questions, or want to learn more about C.H. Robinson?金沙官网手机网址

Please contact:

Chuck Ives, Director, Investor Relations: (952) 683-2508 or by email at chuck.ives@chrobinson.com

I am an employee who purchased shares in the IPO either through an IRA or directly. Where are my shares located?金沙官网手机网址

The shares purchased through an IRA were originally held at U.S. Bank. If you have not moved the IRA account or the shares, please call the advisor at the number on your periodic statements or contact Mike Hay at U.S. Bank at (651) 495-4114 with any questions about your account. If the shares were purchased directly, the shares were originally held at Piper Jaffray. If you have not moved the shares or the account, please call the advisor at the number on your periodic statements or contact UBS Paine Webber at (877) 303-5990 with any questions about your account.

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