How many scenic spots are there in poyang lake national wetland park?
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1. Poyang Lake National Wetland Park is a typical scenic tourist destination. It is the best place to watch the migratory birds in Poyang Lake and Poyang Lake.

2. Inside Lake Scenic Spots: Wujin Branch Wharf - Rao'e (Guinaoshan) - Poli Mountain - Pearl Lake Fishing Village - Longhoushan - Baishazhou Island (Poyang Lake Wetland Science Park) - Heyuan - Wetland Science Museum - Man-fish Passage - Swan House - Watching Lake Corridor - Laiyantai - Elk Park

Inner and Outer Lake Scenic Spots: Inner Lake Scenic Spots + Outer Lake Wetland Grassland

3. Inland Lake fare: 80 tickets plus 50 tickets, 130; journey about two and a half hours.

Inner and Outer Lakes fare: 80 tickets plus 130 transportation fees, 210. The journey is about four and a half hours.

4. Ticket closure: Inner Lake closes at 16:00 and Outer Lake closes at 13:30.

Ticket concessions: tickets for scenic spots for the elderly, children, students, officers, photography associations and other relevant preferential policies, need to show certificates. Residents in Poyang County can enjoy the preferential policy of free admission ticket (ship ticket is unavoidable) every Tuesday. (Relevant documents such as ID card or household registration book are required)

5. Wharf Direction: There is a clear "Wharf Direction" sign on the left side of the hall. A wooden trestle road can be seen along the sign. The wooden trestle road leads directly to the cruise ship wharf (walking for about five minutes).

Wharf Ship: It's a liner system. It's delivered every half hour. The ship type depends on the number of tourists in the same period.

6. Food and beverage in scenic spots: Shenyu Manor, a scenic hotel, tastes the whole fish feast featuring Poyang Lake.

Accommodation in scenic spots: The tourist service center has Sunk Fish Manor, the island has a migratory bird station, and the outer lake has a tent villa. Self-driving tourists can choose to drive to the tourist highway (Swan Avenue) and navigate to Baishazhou Island. After arrival, they need to buy tickets (80 yuan/person) to enter the scenic area.

7. The best time for sightseeing: Wetland Park has its own characteristics in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Flowers in spring, lakes in summer, silvers in autumn, birds in winter and fish in all seasons of the year. Autumn and winter are the peak seasons of scenic spots.

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